Bright Crystal Absolu by Versace EDP 5ml - Fragrance5ml
Bright Crystal Absolu by Versace EDP 5ml - Fragrance5ml

Bright Crystal Absolu by Versace EDP 5ml

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes: 
Pomegranate, Yuzu, Water Notes
Middle Notes: 
Peony, Raspberry, Lotus, Magnolia
Base Notes: 
Musk, Mahogany, Amber
Versace Bright Crystal Absolu EDP 5ml Decant 

Bright Crystal Absolu by Versace is a Floral Fruity perfume for women.

Top notes are Yuzu, Pomegranate and Water Notes;
Center notes are Lotus, Peony, Raspberry and Magnolia;
Base notes are Mahogany, Musk and Amber.

Bright Crystal Absolu is an exquisite and luxurious perfume that embodies the spirit of sophistication, elegance, and radiance. This captivating fragrance takes you on a sensory journey, unveiling a symphony of enchanting and mesmerizing notes that captivate the senses and leave a lasting impression. As a testament to the enduring legacy of Versace, Bright Crystal Absolu is a perfume that epitomizes the essence of glamour, grace, and allure.

The top notes of Bright Crystal Absolu open with a tantalizing and invigorating blend of pomegranate, yuzu, and water notes. The juicy and succulent pomegranate imparts a sweet and luscious nuance, while the citrusy yuzu infuses the perfume with a refreshing and energizing zest. The water notes add a crisp and clean dimension, creating a sense of purity and serenity that beautifully sets the stage for the heart of the fragrance.

As the perfume unfolds, the middle notes reveal an enchanting bouquet of peony, raspberry, lotus, and magnolia. The elegant peony and the delicate lotus exude a timeless and refined beauty, their soft and velvety petals gracefully intertwining to create a captivating floral harmony. The juicy raspberry adds a touch of sweetness and playfulness, while the opulent magnolia imparts a sophisticated and luxurious depth to the scent, making it utterly irresistible.

In the base notes, Bright Crystal Absolu unveils a warm and sensual finale with musk, mahogany, and amber. The sensual musk and the rich mahogany create a sumptuous and velvety foundation, their luxurious and enveloping nuances evoking a sense of comfort and warmth. The golden amber adds a touch of radiance and allure, its enticing and captivating facets beautifully enhancing the perfume's overall composition.

Bright Crystal Absolu is a versatile and sophisticated perfume that is perfect for any occasion, from intimate rendezvous to elegant soirees. Its enchanting blend of fruity, floral, and warm notes creates a unique and irresistible scent that is sure to make a statement and leave a lasting impression.

To fully appreciate the beauty and complexity of Bright Crystal Absolu, consider purchasing a 5ml sample bottle from fragrance5ml before committing to a full-size bottle. This allows you to experience the fragrance in its entirety and ensure that it resonates with your personal style and preferences.

Embrace the sophistication, elegance, and radiance of Bright Crystal Absolu, a perfume that captures the essence of glamour, grace, and allure. Let this captivating fragrance become your signature scent, a reflection of your unique beauty and mesmerizing charm.