Tommy Girl by Tommy Hilfiger EDT 5ml - Fragrance5ml
Tommy Girl by Tommy Hilfiger EDT 5ml - Fragrance5ml

Tommy Girl by Tommy Hilfiger EDT 5ml

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes: 
Apple Tree Blossom, Camelia, Mandarin Orange, Black Currant
Middle Notes: 
Lemon, Honeysuckle, Rose, Grapefruit, Lily, Mint, Violet
Base Notes: 
Magnolia, Jasmine, Cedar, Sandalwood, Leather
Tommy Girl by Tommy Hilfiger EDT 5ml Decant

Tommy Girl by Tommy Hilfiger is a perfume for women.

Top notes are Camelia, Mandarin Orange, Apple Tree Blossom and Black Currant
Center notes are Lemon, Grapefruit, Lily, Mint, Honeysuckle, Rose and Violet
Base notes are Magnolia, Cedar, Sandalwood, Jasmine and Leather.

Tommy Girl perfume is a vibrant and lively fragrance that encapsulates the spirit of youth, freedom, and adventure. This exquisite perfume is a refreshing symphony of fruity and floral notes, weaving together an intricate tapestry of scents that dance and intertwine in a delightful harmony. The perfect accessory for a modern and stylish woman, Tommy Girl is a versatile and captivating scent that will accompany you on life's many journeys.

The top notes of Tommy Girl perfume introduce a captivating blend of apple tree blossom, camellia, mandarin orange, and black currant. The sweet and delicate scent of apple tree blossom and camellia create an enchanting opening, while the refreshing aroma of mandarin orange and the tangy tartness of black currant add depth and complexity to the composition. This invigorating combination of scents awakens the senses and sets the stage for the exhilarating experience that lies ahead.

As the initial notes begin to dissipate, the heart of Tommy Girl perfume unveils a delightful medley of lemon, honeysuckle, rose, grapefruit, lily, mint, and violet. The citrusy zest of lemon and grapefruit injects a burst of energy and freshness into the composition, while the romantic and elegant notes of rose and lily offer a delicate floral touch. The sweet and intoxicating aroma of honeysuckle intertwines with the cool and refreshing scent of mint, and the soft and powdery violet adds an air of sophistication to the fragrance.

The base notes of Tommy Girl perfume provide a solid foundation, featuring magnolia, jasmine, cedar, sandalwood, and leather. The lush and creamy scent of magnolia and the exotic allure of jasmine create a mesmerizing and seductive undertone, while the earthy and woody notes of cedar and sandalwood add warmth and depth to the composition. The subtle hint of leather introduces a touch of luxury and refinement, leaving a lasting impression of elegance and sophistication.

Experience the delightful charm of Tommy Girl perfume by trying a 5ml sample bottle from fragrance5ml. This smaller size offers a perfect opportunity to discover the invigorating and captivating qualities of this iconic scent before committing to a full bottle. Let Tommy Girl become your signature fragrance, and embrace its refreshing and youthful spirit.

Tommy Girl perfume is an irresistible and enchanting scent, perfect for a variety of occasions, as it exudes a sense of confidence and youthful exuberance. The harmonious blend of fruity and floral notes creates a captivating and enduring fragrance that leaves a lasting impression on all who experience it. Whether you are heading out for a day of adventure or seeking a refreshing scent for everyday wear, Tommy Girl is the perfect companion, encapsulating the essence of modern femininity and the spirit of youth.