Daisy by Marc Jacobs EDT 5ml - Fragrance5ml
Daisy by Marc Jacobs EDT 5ml - Fragrance5ml

Daisy by Marc Jacobs EDT 5ml

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes: 
Violet Leaf, Strawberry, Blood Grapefruit
Middle Notes: 
Violet, Jasmine, Gardenia
Base Notes: 
White Woods, Musk, Vanilla
Marc Jacobs Daisy EDT 5ml Decant 

Daisy by Marc Jacobs is a Floral Woody Musk perfume for women.

Top notes are Strawberry, Violet Leaf and Blood Grapefruit
Center notes are Jasmine, Violet and Gardenia
Base notes are Musk, White Woods and Vanilla.

Daisy is a captivating and sophisticated perfume that embodies the spirit of youthful exuberance and timeless elegance. This enchanting fragrance paints a picturesque portrait of a sun-drenched meadow filled with vibrant flowers, transporting you to a serene and blissful haven where all your cares simply melt away. Daisy is a breath of fresh air, infusing your senses with a delicate bouquet of floral notes and a touch of sweetness that is as refreshing as it is alluring.

The perfume opens with an invigorating blend of top notes, featuring violet leaf, strawberry, and blood grapefruit. The crisp and green violet leaf imparts a dewy freshness, while the juicy strawberry adds a tantalizing touch of sweetness. The blood grapefruit offers a zesty citrus twist, creating a lively and uplifting introduction to this mesmerizing scent.

As Daisy blossoms, the heart of the fragrance reveals a stunning array of floral notes, including violet, jasmine, and gardenia. The powdery violet and intoxicating jasmine combine to create a dreamy and romantic atmosphere, while the creamy gardenia adds depth and opulence to the composition. This exquisite symphony of floral notes forms the essence of Daisy, capturing the essence of a blooming garden in springtime.

The base notes of Daisy provide a subtle yet comforting foundation for the fragrance, featuring white woods, musk, and vanilla. The soft and velvety white woods offer a gentle warmth, while the clean musk adds a touch of sensuality to the scent. The comforting sweetness of vanilla wraps everything together, creating a harmonious and sophisticated dry down that lingers beautifully on the skin.

Daisy is a versatile perfume that is perfect for any occasion, effortlessly evoking a sense of youthful charm and elegance. This radiant and delightful scent is an ideal choice for daytime wear, adding a touch of whimsy and grace to your everyday adventures.

To fully experience the enchanting beauty of Daisy, we recommend purchasing a 5ml sample bottle from fragrance5ml. This allows you to explore the nuances of this delightful perfume and determine how it complements your unique body chemistry. A 5ml sample is the perfect introduction to Daisy before committing to a full-size bottle.

Embrace the captivating world of Daisy and let this charming perfume transport you on a sensory journey through a sunlit meadow filled with lush flowers and the promise of new beginnings. This delightful scent is a celebration of femininity and youthful elegance, making it an essential addition to any fragrance wardrobe.