La Force 11 by Dolce & Gabbana EDT 5ml - Fragrance5ml
La Force 11 by Dolce & Gabbana EDT 5ml - Fragrance5ml

La Force 11 by Dolce & Gabbana EDT 5ml

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes: 
Cinnamon, Cardamom, Pimento
Middle Notes: 
Cypress, Nutmeg, Heliotrope
Base Notes: 
Vanille, Sandalwood, Caraway
La Force 11 by Dolce & Gabbana EDT 5ml Decant
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D&G Anthology La Force 11 by Dolce & Gabbana is a fragrance for men.

Top notes are pimento, cinnamon and cardamom
Middle notes are heliotrope, cypress and nutmeg
Base notes are caraway, vanilla and sandalwood

La Force 11 by Dolce & Gabbana is a captivating and enigmatic perfume that speaks to the bold and daring spirit of those who wear it. Drawing inspiration from the power of tarot cards, La Force 11 represents strength, courage, and determination. This alluring fragrance is perfect for the self-assured individual who seeks to make a statement with their signature scent, embodying the essence of inner power and resilience.

The opening of La Force 11 reveals a tantalizing blend of cinnamon, cardamom, and pimento. The warm, spicy scent of cinnamon exudes a sense of comfort and familiarity, while the captivating aroma of cardamom imparts a unique, exotic twist to the composition. Pimento, with its fiery and invigorating character, adds a touch of boldness and intensity to the fragrance, creating an intriguing and captivating introduction.

As the perfume develops, the heart notes unveil an enchanting combination of cypress, nutmeg, and heliotrope. The fresh, green scent of cypress contributes an element of refinement and sophistication, while the spicy, sweet aroma of nutmeg adds depth and complexity to the blend. Heliotrope, with its delicate floral scent and subtle hints of almond and vanilla, imparts a soft, comforting quality to the fragrance, creating a harmonious balance between strength and tenderness.

In the base of La Force 11, you'll discover the enticing and alluring notes of vanilla, sandalwood, and caraway. The warm, creamy aroma of vanilla adds a touch of sweetness and sensuality, while the rich, woody scent of sandalwood provides a sense of grounding and stability. Caraway, with its earthy, slightly spicy fragrance, adds an unexpected twist to the composition, creating a unique and memorable finish.

To ensure that La Force 11 is the perfect match for your personal taste and style, we recommend trying a 5ml sample bottle from fragrance5ml before committing to a full-sized purchase. This practical approach allows you to experience the perfume's unique evolution on your skin and determine if it complements your individual preferences. A 5ml sample is a cost-effective way to explore the world of La Force 11 without investing in a larger bottle.

La Force 11 by Dolce & Gabbana is a captivating and powerful perfume that embodies the essence of strength and resilience. Its complex and intriguing blend of notes creates a memorable and alluring fragrance that will leave a lasting impression on those around you. Embrace the power of La Force 11 and step into a world of boldness, courage, and determination.