Pink Sugar by Aquolina EDT 5ml - Fragrance5ml
Pink Sugar by Aquolina EDT 5ml - Fragrance5ml

Pink Sugar by Aquolina EDT 5ml

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes: 
Raspberry, Orange, Bergamot, Fig Leaf
Middle Notes: 
Cotton Candy, Licorice, Red Berries, Strawberry, Lily-of-the-Valley
Base Notes: 
Caramel, Vanilla, Musk, Tonka Bean, Sandalwood
Pink Sugar by Aquolina EDT 5ml Decant 

Pink Sugar by Aquolina is a Floral Fruity Gourmand perfume for women.

Top notes are Orange, Bergamot, Raspberry and Fig Leaf;
Center notes are Cotton Candy, Red Berries, Strawberry, Licorice and Lily-of-the-Valley;
Base notes are Caramel, Musk, Tonka Bean, Vanilla and Sandalwood.

Pink Sugar by Aquolina is an irresistibly sweet and playful perfume that brings to life the joy and innocence of childhood memories, evoking images of cotton candy, amusement parks, and carefree days spent laughing under the sun. Designed for the young and young at heart, this captivating fragrance is a delightful celebration of life's simple pleasures, inviting you to indulge your senses and embrace your inner child.

The top notes of Pink Sugar present a delicious and invigorating blend of raspberry, orange, bergamot, and fig leaf. The juicy raspberry and vibrant orange create an enticing and refreshing opening, while the zesty bergamot adds a touch of sophistication and elegance. The fig leaf imparts a subtle and intriguing green nuance, making for a delightful and uplifting introduction to this enchanting perfume.

As the fragrance unfolds, the middle notes reveal a delectable and mouthwatering heart of cotton candy, licorice, red berries, strawberry, lily-of-the-valley, and more. The star of the show, the cotton candy note, envelops you in a soft, fluffy cloud of sugary sweetness that is both delightful and irresistible. The playful licorice and juicy red berries add a touch of whimsy and fun, while the ripe and succulent strawberry enhances the delightful fruity character. The delicate lily-of-the-valley adds a gentle floral touch, creating a perfect balance of sweetness and innocence.

In the base notes, Pink Sugar unveils a warm and comforting finish with caramel, vanilla, musk, tonka bean, and sandalwood. The rich and creamy caramel and vanilla notes add a luxurious depth and indulgent sweetness to the fragrance, while the sensual musk and tonka bean provide a soft and inviting warmth. The elegant sandalwood adds a touch of sophistication and refinement, ensuring that the perfume leaves a lasting and memorable impression.

Pink Sugar by Aquolina is a versatile and delightful perfume that is perfect for a variety of occasions, whether you are attending a casual daytime event or enjoying a fun-filled evening with friends. Its captivating blend of sweet, fruity, and gourmand notes creates a unique and enchanting scent that evokes the joy and wonder of life's simple pleasures.

To truly experience the delightful charm and sweetness of Pink Sugar by Aquolina, consider purchasing a 5ml sample bottle from fragrance5ml before investing in a full-size bottle. This allows you to explore the alluring blend of this perfume and ensure it complements your individual style and personality.

Indulge your senses and embrace your inner child with Pink Sugar by Aquolina, a captivating and irresistible perfume that weaves a delightful tale of sweetness, playfulness, and innocence. Discover the magic of Pink Sugar and let it transport you to a world of carefree joy and enchantment, where every moment is filled with laughter and delight.