Eau Rose by Diptyque EDP 5ml - Fragrance5ml
Eau Rose by Diptyque EDP 5ml - Fragrance5ml

Eau Rose by Diptyque EDP 5ml

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes: 
Middle Notes: 
Damask Rose, Grasse Rose, Rose Water, Chamomile, Artichoke
Base Notes: 
Musk, Woody Notes
Eau Rose by Diptyque EDP 5ml Decant

Eau Rose Eau De Parfum by Diptyque is a Musk fragrance for women.

Top note is litchi
Middle notes are rosewater, chamomile, damask rose, grasse rose and artichoke
Base notes are musk and woody notes.

Eau Rose Eau De Parfum is a breathtaking perfume that transports you to a lush rose garden in full bloom. This exquisite creation by the masterful perfumers at Diptyque celebrates the timeless elegance and unparalleled beauty of the rose, showcasing its many facets in a harmonious and sophisticated symphony of scents. Eau Rose is a versatile and enchanting fragrance that can be worn on various occasions, making it a must-have addition to any perfume collection.

The perfume opens with the delightful sweetness of litchi, offering a refreshing, fruity introduction that instantly captures your attention. This luscious, exotic fruit adds a playful, contemporary twist to the classic rose, ensuring that Eau Rose stands out from other rose-centric fragrances.

As the top note fades, the heart of the perfume takes center stage, revealing a captivating blend of Damask rose, Grasse rose, rose water, chamomile, and artichoke. The Damask and Grasse roses are two of the most esteemed rose varieties, revered for their intoxicating aroma and their rich, velvety texture. These roses intertwine seamlessly in Eau Rose, creating a luxurious, multi-layered bouquet that evokes the very essence of femininity. The rose water adds a delicate, ethereal touch, while the chamomile lends a soothing, calming quality to the composition. The unexpected note of artichoke adds depth and intrigue, creating an air of mystery that only serves to heighten the perfume's allure.

In the base, Eau Rose reveals a sensual foundation of musk and woody notes, grounding the fragrance and providing a soft, warm counterbalance to the lush rose bouquet. The musk adds a subtle, alluring sensuality, while the woody notes impart a sense of sophistication and elegance, ensuring that Eau Rose leaves a lasting impression on those who encounter its bewitching aroma.

Before investing in a full-sized bottle, we recommend trying a 5ml sample of Eau Rose from fragrance5ml. This allows you to experience the fragrance on your skin, determining how it evolves and interacts with your unique body chemistry. It's an excellent way to ensure that Eau Rose is the perfect match for you, providing a personalized scent experience that's truly unforgettable.