Fico di Amalfi by Acqua di Parma EDT 5ml - Fragrance5ml
Fico di Amalfi by Acqua di Parma EDT 5ml - Fragrance5ml

Fico di Amalfi by Acqua di Parma EDT 5ml

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes: 
Grapefruit, Bergamot, Citron, Lemon
Middle Notes: 
Fig Nectar, Jasmine, Pink Pepper
Base Notes: 
Fig Tree, Cedar, Benzoin
Fico di Amalfi - Blu Mediterraneo by Acqua di Parma EDT 5ml Decant

Acqua di Parma Blu Mediterraneo - Fico di Amalfi by Acqua di Parma is a fragrance for men and women.

Top notes are cedar, grapefruit, bergamot and lemon
Middle notes are jasmine, fig nectar and pink pepper
Base notes are cedar, fig and benzoin.

Fico di Amalfi is a delightful perfume that transports you to the sun-drenched coast of Italy, where the dazzling blue sea meets the lush, verdant hillsides. Inspired by the breathtaking beauty of the Amalfi coast, this fragrance is a vibrant and uplifting celebration of the Mediterranean spirit. Bursting with the invigorating scents of citrus fruits and the intoxicating sweetness of ripe figs, Fico di Amalfi is a captivating and versatile perfume that can be worn in any season and on any occasion.

As you first encounter this perfume, you are greeted with a refreshing and zesty medley of top notes, including grapefruit, bergamot, citron, and lemon. These citrus scents immediately awaken the senses, bringing to mind sun-soaked Italian groves where trees laden with ripe, juicy fruits cast dappled shade on the warm earth below. The grapefruit note, in particular, imparts a bright, tangy edge, while the bergamot adds a slightly bitter, aromatic nuance. The citron and lemon, meanwhile, contribute a sparkling, effervescent quality that perfectly complements the other citrus notes.

As the initial burst of citrus begins to mellow, the heart of Fico di Amalfi emerges, revealing a sumptuous blend of fig nectar, jasmine, and pink pepper. The fig nectar is the star of this perfume, its luscious, honeyed sweetness evoking the sun-warmed, plump fruits of the Amalfi coast. The jasmine adds a touch of floral sophistication to the composition, its heady, exotic scent intertwining with the fig nectar to create a sensual, intoxicating effect. The pink pepper, with its rosy, spicy character, provides a subtle hint of warmth and intrigue.

In the base, Fico di Amalfi unveils a rich, earthy foundation of fig tree, cedar, and benzoin. The fig tree note imparts a green, woody depth to the fragrance, while the cedar adds a robust, resinous element that anchors the perfume and enhances its longevity. The benzoin, with its sweet, balsamic aroma, contributes a touch of opulence and luxury, perfectly rounding out this exceptional fragrance.

To fully appreciate the enchanting allure of Fico di Amalfi, we recommend sampling a 5ml bottle from fragrance5ml before committing to a full-sized purchase. This approach allows you to experience the perfume's unique evolution on your skin and determine if it perfectly suits your personal style. Sampling a smaller size is a practical and cost-effective way to explore the irresistible world of Fico di Amalfi.